Victim: "The Ministry of National Security said that if I do not bring 300 thousand, they will bring women"

# 02:40
5 January 2017

Details of the testimony to the  investigation by Sabuhi Majidov, who is victim on the criminal case against head of department of the liquidated Ministry of National Security Subahir Gurbanov and his deputy Fuzuli Aliyev and other ministry officials, APA reports.


Majidov said that in 2014 due to his worsened financial situation, he decided to sell his country house in the Saray settlement. Majidov’s house had to be bought by his old friend Fizuli Rasulov, who now lives in the Russian Federation. The parties agreed on price of the real estate on the mobile phone. Rasulov agreed to buy the house from Majidov for 180 thousand Azerbaijani manats. In the autumn of 2014, Majidov and Rasulov met in the “Port Baku” business center, where the buyer gave the seller a prepayment of 64 thousand Azerbaijani manats.


While leaving the business center Majidov was detained by Fizuli Mammadov, introducing himself as an employee of the Ministry of National Security. Majidov was taken to the restaurant "Sultan", where his 63,715 Azerbaijani manat was seized, stating that the money was earned by criminal means, and was demanded to bring another 300 thousand Azerbaijani manat in order to hush up the case. In the following days they continued to demand money from Majidov by reducing the amount by 100 thousand manats. The victim was blackmailed that in case of refusal “they will bring women to give incriminating evidence against him and will disgrace his family.”



The other day, while heading to the Ministry of National Security without any money, Majidov was stopped by the car in which there were Fizuli Aliyev and Natiq Aliyev. Hearing from Majidov that in addition to the deposit he did not have money, they suddenly said they believed him. They backed up their words in that, in the course of the year Majidov’s telephone conversations were heard by them. They also promised to close the case.


According to the testimony to the investigation, Majidov noted that he did not address the law enforcement bodies in connection with the incident because of the fear. And his seized 63 715 manat have not been returned.