Victims, witnesses in case of Azerbaijani security ministry’s ex-official identified

# 10:00
4 October 2016

Baku. Shahriyar Alizada – APA. The names of victims and witnesses in the criminal case of the imprisoned ex-head of the main energy and transport security department under the liquidated Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan, Akif Chovdarov, have been revealed.


Among the aggrieved persons are former owner of the “8th km” bazaar Jafar Safarov, his brother Salman Safarov, Akif Azimov, Ayyub Novruzov, Shahmar Gurbanov, the imprisoned head of the construction company “Real” MTK Ilham Gasimov, his sons Nurlan and Latif, his brother Islam Gasimov, Tahir Mirzayev, Namig Orujov, Gulagha Guliyev, Tofig Ibrahimov (lives in Russia), the imprisoned businessman Azer Guliyev, who is a partner of known as businessman “Sharurlu Isfandiyar”, Shehman Imanov, Sadiyar Taghiyev, Ilgar Ashurbeyov, former employee of the national security ministry  Tofig Rajabov, former head of Baku Metro Tagi Ahmadov, his brother Shovgu Ahmadov, their relatives Elshan Taghiyev, deputy department head at Kurdamir district executive power Ashraf Shukurov,  and former head of Kurdamir district executive power Fakhraddin Malikov, APA has learned.


In addition, the former deputy minister of national security Hilal Asadov and his wife Nushaba Asadov, Akif Chovdarov’s son Ruslan Chovdarov, his daughter Aida Chovdarova and his relative Gulu Jafarov will testify as witnesses at the trial.


The accused, Akif Chovdarov, faces charges Articles 145.3 (illegal deprivation of freedom of a person, causing to the death of the victim or other serious consequences by negligence), 179.3.1, 179.3.2 (embezzlement or waste by an organized group on a large scale), 181.3.1, 181.3.2 (robbery committed by an organized group in order to seize the property on a large scale), 182.3.1, 182.3.2 (extortion, committed by an organized group in order to obtain property on a large scale), 228.4 (illegal purchase, selling or carrying of gas weapon, cold steel, including throwing weapon), 302.1, 302.2 (implementation operative - search actions by not authorized persons, as well as implementation of these actions by authorized persons, but without grounds provided by the legislation, entailed essential, and the same acts committed with use of special means, intended for secret dredging the information), 311.3.1, 311.3.2, 311.3.3, 311.3.4 (bribe-taking by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, committed repeatedly on a large scale with the use of threats), 313 (service forgery), 341.2.1, 341.2.2, 241.2.3 (abusing authority, excess or inactivity of authority committed by a group of persons, committed with the use of weapons, resulted in grave consequences) of the Criminal Code. The other accused –- Salim Mammadov, Akif Aliyev and Orkhan Osmanov are charged under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.


The court ordered seizure on property and cash worth of 33,466,000, trade and service sectors, greenhouses, aquaculture farms and other property complexes, land plots worth of 8,967,000 manats, private houses, apartments and vehicles worth of 24,445,000 manats, jewelry worth of 37,000 manats belonging to the accused persons –- Akif Chovdarov, Salim Mammadov, Akif Aliyev and Orhan Osmanov to compensate damage caused to the aggrieved persons.