Orienteering Competition held among the servicemen ends - VIDEO

# 12:30
31 August 2019

Another orienteering competition held among servicemen has ended. During two stages, the teams involved in the competition from various types of troops and services have demonstrated their ability to navigate on the terrain, and the athletes competed in the individual championship, APA reports citing Azerbaijani MoD.

Before the awarding ceremony held in the "N" military unit, the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev and shehids (martyrs) was honored with observing a minute of silence, after which the National Anthem of the country was performed.

Following the results of the competition, the Baku national team became the winner and won the competition cup. The team of the Training and Education Center of the Armed Forces took the second place and the team of the Air Force – the third place.

In the individual competition among the servicewomen, Major Jamilya Irafieva took first place, soldier Parvana Heydarova – the second place, soldier Nilufer Tarverdieva and soldier Maryam Ziyadkhanova – the third place. Among the servicemen, the Junior Sergeant Dair Jumartov took the first place, the Captain Adikoklu Khudeynatov – the second place, and the Sergeant Nurlan Nazarov – the third place.

The winners of the competition were awarded a diploma, a cup, and medals.