PAIGAS organized a seminar on the theme "Thinking the Sahara Question and promoting innovative solutions"

PAIGAS organized a seminar on the theme "Thinking the Sahara Question and promoting innovative solutions"
# 21 June 2021 16:35 (UTC +04:00)

The Pan African Institute for Global Affairs and Strategy (PAIGAS) has organized a seminar on the theme "Thinking the Sahara Question and promoting innovative solutions", APA quotes Moroccan News Agency (MAP).

According to the MAP, this sub-regional event brought together thirty experts, political figures, members of think tanks, academics and prominent members of West African civil society, represented by the following countries: Senegal, Cap Vert, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania.

The format of the seminar was that of a brainstorming.

This exercise allowed to initiate an intellectual and scientific reflection as to formulate innovative answers to the question of the Sahara, which constitutes an obstacle to the march of Africa towards Progress, Peace and Concord.

Having noted that the AU, our continental organization, by its partisan acts, has de facto chosen to take over the resolution process of the Sahara issue, the Brainstorming was immediately in line with the dynamics that currently prevail within the African and International Community. Such a dynamic recognizes the pre-eminence of the UN Security Council in the management of the Sahara issue.

As a thought without actions is considered orphan, this seminar adopted an intellectual approach that combines thoughts and actions and therefore invites "to think freely, to propose freely and to accompany freely" the proposals and innovative solutions resulting from the deliberations of the participants.

This meeting (face-to-face and virtual) was an opportunity to salute and commemorate the historic work of the Casablanca Group and to call for the organization of a high-level meeting in 2021 to celebrate its 60th anniversary, which will be an opportunity to launch a solemn APPEAL for the effective realization of the pan-Africanist ideals and of its illustrious host: His Majesty King Mohamed V.

This appeal will also allow us to ask Africa to correct the legal aberration and the historical anomaly that constitutes the admission of the "rasd" within the OAU and then its maintenance in the AU. The seminar also stressed that the responsibility of the African intelligentsia was fully engaged on all major issues regarding the continent, including that of the Sahara.

In this sense, he called for the mobilization of experts, civil society figures and Think Tanks to contribute to this new dynamic of "speaking out" of the African intelligentsia. During the seminar, participants praised Morocco’s African roots, as well as its dazzling economic growth, which should be replicated rather than feared.