Syria’s Constitution Committee to consist of two decision-making bodies

# 06:13
29 September 2019

Syria’s Constitutional Committee will have two decision-making bodies, said the Terms of Reference and Core Rules of Procedure released by the United Nations on Saturday, APA reports citing TASS.

The small body is to draft the constitutional proposals, while the large body is to adopt them, the document says.

"The Constitutional Committee shall have a large and a small body," it reads.

The committee would draw on a pool of 150 names, while a small body will comprise 45 people.

"The small body shall prepare and draft the constitutional proposals and the large body shall adopt them. The large body may be convened, in parallel or periodically as the work of the small body proceeds, to discuss and adopt proposals," the rules of procedure said.

On September 23, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced the establishment of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, thanking Russia, Iran and Turkey for their efforts in this area. The committee is scheduled to start work in late October.