S. African region declared disaster zone due to drought

# 23:09
22 May 2017

South Africa’s Western Cape Province known for its tourism destinations has been declared a disaster zone due to severe drought, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.


A statement released Monday by Premier Helen Zille’s office said: “The most immediate interventions, in the coming days will include drilling of boreholes at hospitals and in schools in high-risk water scarce areas.”


Michael Mpofu, spokesman for the premier said the disaster zone had been classified as such for three months and could be extended.


The Western Cape Province has been receiving below average rainfall forcing the City of Cape Town the crown jewel of South Africa’s tourism industry to impose water restrictions.


Restrictions include a ban on using hosepipes to irrigate gardens and fill swimming pools.


South Africa is still struggling to overcome a drought that began in 2015. Experts attribute the drought to El Nino, a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean, which has caused a massive heat wave throughout Southern Africa, with rainfall drastically decreased.