# 13:09
12 March 2019

Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran were immediately informed through the Border representation line. Immediate search actions were carried out by the border guards of the IRI. During the inspection of the area near the deteriorated violators 4 bags of narcotic drugs like heroin and opium, a large amount of highly effective psychotropic substances, 1 shotgun, 6 cartridges of 6 mm cartridge rifles and cartridge cases were discovered.

Chief of the State Border Service, general-colonel Elchin Guliyev and other officials arrived the area immediately after incident, have viewed the incident area and gave necessary instruction for continuation of the search operations.

Chief of SBS met with border commissioner of IRI responsible for Mughan area and discussed the mutual actions for searching the border violators.

Servicemen, who prevented the violation of the state border by standing at the guard of the borders of the country, were awarded.

Currently, executives of the State Border Service and Military Prosecutor's Office are conducting operative-investigation actions regarding the incident.