SIPRI: Azerbaijan's arms import increased by 15 percent

# 10:57
11 March 2019

Azerbaijan's arms import increased by 15 percent  in 2014-2018 compared to 2009-2013, ONA reports citing annual report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Note that SIPRI has published an annual report on the largest importers and exporters of arms.

According to the report, Azerbaijan ranks 23rd among the countries importing weapons. Azerbaijan purchases 51% of weapons from Russia, 43% from Israel and 2.8% from Turkey.

Azerbaijan is also the 2nd country purchasing arms from Israel. Azerbaijan purchases 17 percent of the weapons of this country.

The largest exporters of weapons in the world are the USA, Russia, China, France and Germany. 75 percent of total exports belong to these countries. 57 percent of these refers to Russia and the United States.

Armenia is not represented in the report among 25 arms exporting countries and 40 importing countries.

Azerbaijan and Armenia are not ranked among the first three countries to which Russia sells the most arms.

Russia country sells 27 percent of its weapons to India, 14 to China and 14 to Algeria.