Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense celebrated “Yel Chershenbesi” together with the military personnel - VİDEO

# 10:11
13 March 2019

The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov and the leadership of the Ministry have celebrated “Yel Chershenbesi” along with the military personnel participating in the exercise, ONA reports citing press service of Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

The Minister of Defense has met with the military personnel on the eve of the Novruz holiday, which reflects national and spiritual values of our Nation and is one of the ancient traditions of our people, and took part in the festive celebration, as well as talked to soldiers and officers who surrounded the bonfire.

During the meeting, the servicemen, emphasizing that they are covered by the constant attention and care of the state, noted that the combat readiness, social conditions, moral-psychological state and the fighting spirit of the military personnel are at a high level, and also expressed their readiness to fulfill any combat order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.