Azerbaijan soon to start subsidy payouts to beekeepers

# 11:40
17 February 2018

Subsidy payouts to beekeepers will soon begin in Azerbaijan, Minister of Agriculture Heydar Asadov said on Feb. 17.


"We have prepared all the required documents and coordinated them with all economic structures. The documents were sent to the Cabinet of Ministers two days ago, and I believe soon they will be submitted to the Presidential Administration," Asadov said.


According to the proposal, each beekeeper will be able to get 10 manats for each bee family.


“Subsidizing will play an important role in the development of beekeeping,” the minister said. “There is a necessary base for this. The country has a large number of nectar, honey bee species. Our honey occupies a special place in the world. The global demand in Azerbaijani honey is 15-20 percent.”