Azerbaijani President: “With a new approach, we will achieve productivity growth in agriculture”

# 01:31
20 August 2017

“The Agricultural Laboratory and the Center for Artificial Insemination are very important for the development of agriculture. The equipment shown to me now, the possibilities give basis to say that with a new approach we will achieve growth in productivity in agriculture. Because the main task before us is to increase yields using the available land fund”, – the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated this at the opening ceremony of the said facilities in Goygol at a meeting with representatives of the district public.


According to the head of State, the seed, veterinary and agrochemical laboratories will achieve this goal, since farmers, businessmen, peasants will already know what seeds to use, what agro technical measures must be taken, on what plot of land which fertilizers should be used: “Food security issues will also be provided through these laboratories. Such laboratories are established in 12 regions. In fact, this is the beginning of a new stage in the development of agriculture, a turning point. Because after that, agriculture in Azerbaijan will develop on scientific basis, and, thus, we will achieve yield growth. Since the territory of Azerbaijan, of course, does not allow us to attract new crop areas in large quantities, although we do this, especially as a result of reclamation measures.”


Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev noted that the commissioning of the Center for Artificial Insemination would also lead to a significant increase in livestock production: “I am sure that as a result of the activity of this center for several years the breed of cattle in Azerbaijan will gradually improve. Thus, productivity will increase, dairy farming will develop, and meat production will also increase. At present, we export both meat and milk. I think this is a historic achievement. Because in previous years we were very dependent on imports, now we eliminate this dependence. True, we do not provide ourselves with fully dairy products, we also import them, but we started and exported them. Our products are very high quality and highly valued in foreign markets. But we must do so to fully provide ourselves with dairy products and increase our export potential. As a result of the Center for Artificial Insemination, we will achieve this in a few years.”


The head of State noted that currently agriculture is a priority for the government branch: “In recent years, a lot of work has been done in the field of agriculture. And in crop production, and in livestock, in general, in agriculture, growth is ensured. For six months of this year, agricultural exports increased by 40 percent. This became possible as a result of the work done. Currently, about 40 new agro-parks are being created. Of course, as a result of the activities of these agro-parks, we will increase production.”


President Ilham Aliyev noted that at present the unemployment problem is being eliminated in the regions: "The traditional branches of agriculture are being restored and revived. Over the past two years, we have achieved, you can say, almost a tenfold increase in cotton production. Now thousands, tens of thousands of people work and receive wages. We are restoring both tobacco growing and silkworm breeding. The export potential of our agricultural products is diverse. This is our great happiness, because we have 9 climatic zones. We have fruits, vegetables, and tobacco, cotton, grapes, spirits, hazelnuts, almonds, tea, citrus, that is all. Simply, we must correctly use these natural opportunities, we use them and in recent years there has been a very great development in the field of agriculture. Restoring now traditional industries, we will create even greater potential.”