President Ilham Aliyev: We restore cotton-growing in Azerbaijan

# 11:47
26 March 2018

Azerbaijan has been providing state support to cotton-growing since 2016 and we see the results. We managed to achieve development of cotton-growing in a short period. Almost, we restore the cotton-growing in Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev said at the republican conference on development of cotton-growing in Barda.


He said he held conferences in Sabirabad in 2016, in Saatli in 2017.


‘Tasks given in these conferences are fulfilled. As a result of fulfillment of these tasks, we achieved good results. Today, the third conference on cotton-growing is being held in Barda. Barda was one of the best cotton growing regions of Azerbaijan in 1970-1980. Residents of Barda well know that Heydar Aliyev paid attention to this field and were in this city for several times. Zonal conferences on cotton-growing in Barda. At the years, the cotton-growing had reached 120,000 tonnes’, he said.


President Aliyev added that Barda is developing successfully: ‘As a president, I have been to Barda for several times. This is my sixth visit to Barda. As a result of all tasks and their fulfillment, we achieved socio-economic development in Barda. Infrastructure, road infrastructure are created in the villages. A number of road projects have been implemented. Yesterday, we opened a rural road. Additional measures on the new road project will be taken. Other infrastructure projects are implemented successfully. Gasification reaches 100 percent. A few villages remain gasless and after gasifying these villages, Barda will be 100 percent gasified. There is not any problem on energy supply. Other issues are solved. The first ASAN Service was opened in Barda in the region of Karabakh. Olympic Center, Treatment Diagnostic Center, children hospital were constructed. The state will continue to provide support to Barda. At the same time, additional measures on agriculture are planned to be take’.