Delhi shooter was quiet teenager who pushed Hindu cause online

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1 February 2020

The 17-year-old boy left his home in a small north Indian town on Thursday morning after telling his grandfather he was going to school. Instead he turned up 80 km away in New Delhi, where he pulled out a gun and shot an anti-government protester,A PA reports quoting Reuters.

The incident, captured in dramatic pictures on Thursday, was the first time a civilian had opened fire on protesters in the capital, raising fears that more Indians would take the law into their own hands as sometimes deadly protests rock the country.

A new law brought in by the Hindu nationalist government that fast-tracks Indian citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from three neighboring countries has divided opinion, with the Hindu majority and Muslim minority often taking opposing sides, APA rpeorts quoting Reuters.

Family members, neighbors, and a school official in Jewar described the boy - who cannot be named under Indian law because he is under 18 - as quiet and ordinary. His act of violence took them by surprise.

In social media posts and conversations with some classmates, he spoke of restoring Hindu pride and expressed admiration for a right-wing activist whom police have accused of fomenting violence.