Pentagon does not rule out possibility of deploying more capabilities for Afghan pullout

# 01:50
17 April 2021

The Defense Department does not rule out the possibility of deploying additional capabilities to Afghanistan for the US drawdown, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on Friday, APA reports quoting Sputnik..

"It is not out of the realm of the possible that for a short period of time there will have to be some additional enabling capabilities added to Afghanistan to, again, help affect a safe, orderly, and deliberately planned drawdown of everybody by the president's deadline in early September," Kirby said in a press briefing.

On Wednesday, US president Joe Biden announced the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan starting May 1 and ending before September 11, the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, after which the administration of George W. Bush launched an operation in the country against the al-Qaeda* terrorist group.