Trump reiterates his readiness to take on Joe Biden in a debate

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17 August 2020

President Trump has reiterated his readiness to take on Joe Biden in a debate but suggested that he expects the media to be slanted against himself in its coverage of the event, APA reports citing Sputnik,

“We want a debate, we’ve agreed. They’re making one mistake: they should have one of the debates before ballots start going out, the absentee ballots hopefully,” Trump said, speaking to Fox News on Monday morning.

“But we can see that Joe doesn’t wanna debate. But here’s the story: if Joe makes it through the debate – I think they’re an hour and a half, and I said only standing…the news will say ‘it was the greatest performance in the history of debating. He was brilliant, he was unbelievable, Joe Biden’. If he can make it off the stage and walk back unassisted, they will say it was the greatest debate performance in history. You know that, and so do I,” Trump added.