Trump to Suspend Some Work Visas Through End of 2020 in Bid to Boost Economy, Official Says

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23 June 2020

President Donald Trump will issue an executive order on immigration that suspends some categories of non-immigrant work visas until the end of the year as part of an effort to revive the US economy in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, a senior administration official told reporters on Monday, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"He [Trump] is extending and expanding the suspension of certain visas through the end of this calendar year 2020, so through 31 December. .. And the president is expanding that measure in light of the expanding unemployment", a senior administration official said on condition of anonymity. "And he's going to include a number of non-immigrant visas, the H-1B visa, H-4 visa, H-2B visa and J and L visas".

In the category of H2B low skill visas, the only ones that will come in will be in the food-service industry while all L visas will be excluding company transfers by companies from outside the US to inside the US, the official added.

"The sum total of what this will do [free up] about 525,000 jobs", the official went on to say.

The more permanent actions included reforming the H1 visa system to prioritize those workers who command the highest wages by scrapping the old lottery system and replacing by giving priority to the would-be visa applicants who can command the highest levels of wages, the official said.

This will drive the wage level and the skill level of the applicants up and will also reduce competition for Americans at entry levels, the official added.

On Sanday, the US President revealed in an interview with the Fox News that the White House would soon be announcing new guest worker visa restrictions.