Trump: Coronavirus should have been stopped at source

# 10:00
2 May 2020

United States Donald Trump said on Friday that the coronavirus should have been stopped at the source, hinting that China is to blame for the global COVID-19 pandemic, APA reports siting Tele Trader. 

The US president went on to say that he hopes actions from the government, scientific community and businesses will help keep the total COVID-19 death toll in the US below 100,000 despite the fact that initial estimates predicted that as many as 2.5 million could die from the disease.

Trump added that the economic reopening will happen with "tremendous gusto and vigour." He noted that a "neverending lockdown" would have negative consequences for the economy, but that the return to business will have to be "guided by science." The president finally said that "America will triumph" and that its economy will be better than ever.