US Navy announces discharge of last COVID19 patient from USNS comfort, leaving NY by end of April

# 09:20
27 April 2020

The US Navy announced on Sunday that the hospital ship USNS Comfort has discharged its last COVID-19 patient and is preparing to leave New York City, heading back to its homeport, the US Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, by the end of this month, APA reports citing Sputnik.

The 894-foot floating military hospital has reportedly treated 182 COVID-19 patients since it docked in New York. The patient discharged on Sunday was the last aboard the ship. It’s unclear whether the patient has been transferred to another hospital or discharged completely.

“We are proud and humbled to have assisted New York and New Jersey in this capacity,” said Lt. Marycate Walsh, a Navy spokesperson, cited by Fox News.

The Comfort will be heading from Virginia, after undergoing maintenance and restocking, for another possible destination to assist in the response to the pandemic, said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, without providing a date for the ship’s new life-saving mission.

“[The USNS Comfort’s approaching departure] is a sure sign of modest progress in mitigating the virus in the nation's hardest-hit city and is a welcome sign,” Hoffman said.