Cavusoglu: “Turkey’s membership could strengthen European Union”

# 14:04
6 May 2020

“FETO problem with the USA is continuing. The US demands from us not to buy S-400 anti-missile and anti-aircraft system, and after we purchased the system, the US demanded us not to commission the system. The atmosphere in the Congress is clear”, said Turkey’s minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu in his interview to TV100, APA’s local bureau reports.

The minister said after sending by Turkey of medical supplies to the USA in connection with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the positive situation has emerged: “The situation also changed after we waged fight against the regime in Idlib. They began to understand Turkey’s role better”.

The head of the Turkish MFA noted that tomorrow, a phone conversation with the US State secretary Mike Pompeo will take place: “We will proceed with the dialogue. It is necessary that both sides would be equally sincere”.

M. Cavusoglu also touched upon Turkey – European Union (EU) relations. He stressed that the EU can’t deliver on hopes of the European peoples as well.

“If Turkey were a member of the European Union, today, the EU would be stronger in the fight against not only COVID-19, but also all other hardships”, the head of the Turkish MFA noted.