Iranian military reportedly gets new all-weather radar

# 23:19
24 September 2020

The new radar system is reportedly capable of tracking airborne targets at low and medium altitudes at a distance of up to 220 kilometers, APA reports citing Tasnim News.

During a ceremony held on 24 September, the Iranian Air Force (IRIAF) presented one of the latest additions to the country's anti-aircraft arsenal.

According to the media outlet, the new piece of military hardware, a radar system called "Soroush", is capable of detecting targets with "small cross-section area (RCS) at low and medium altitudes within a range of 220 kilometers".

The "semiconductor technologies" employed in the radar's design also reportedly allows the new radar system to operate in "all weather conditions".

The ceremony, which was attended by Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard, also witnessed the unveiling of another radar system, "Misaq", which the media outlet describes as a "smart system incorporating a mix of both primary and secondary radars".