Leaked dossier details China hiding virus info

# 09:54
2 May 2020

Research dossier on China's response to the COVID-19 accuses the nation of purposefully suppressing and destroying evidence of the outbreak, APA reports citing the Australian Daily Telegraph.

According to the news outlet, a 15-page document by the Five Eyes (FVEY) anglophone intelligence alliance noted that covering up information about the spread of the virus resulted in an "assault on international transparency" which caused tens of thousands of deaths. The Chinese government is further accused of censoring media outlets and silencing doctors who tried giving early warnings about the disease. Additionally, the dossier states human-to-human transmission of the disease was evident since early December, but China failed to acknowledge that fact until January 20.

Previously, United States President Donald Trump claimed Beijing either failed to stop the virus due to incompetence or just allowed the pandemic to happen.