Saudi Arabian King Salman arrives in NEOM for rest and relaxation: state news agency

# 05:39
13 August 2020

Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz arrived in the NEOM economic zone on Wednesday for a period of rest and relaxation, according to state news agency SPA, APA reports quoting Reuters. 

The 84-year-old king had been released from hospital on July 30 after undergoing surgery to remove his gall bladder. 

In videos posted by Saudi state television and the kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of King Salman’s arrival in NEOM, he can be seen standing on an escalator carrying him from a plane to a waiting car, and walking into a building, surrounded by several men wearing masks. The king was walking with a cane, as he usually does. Reuters could not independently verify the footage. 

King Salman, who has ruled the world’s largest oil exporter and close U.S. ally since 2015, had been admitted to hospital on July 20, suffering from gall bladder inflammation.