Azerbaijani MoD: Information about death of Azerbaijani military serviceman, disseminated by Armenian media, is disinformation

# 13:02
30 November 2019

“The information about so called “death” of Azerbaijani Army’s military serviceman named Hashimov Sabuhi Sattarkhan in the Aghdam direction of the frontline, disseminated by the Armenian media, is another disinformation”, the Ministry of Defense told APA.

The Azerbaijani Army hasn’t suffered casualties on the frontline, and it does not at all have a military serviceman with such a name or surname.

“Armenian side intends to pave the way for their following provocations by disseminating false information on the situation of frontline for several times in recent days. We call the opposite side for avoiding from such kinds of measures and warn the enemy that their any activity will be immediately and determinedly prevented by Azerbaijan’s Army Units”, reads the information.