Number of civilians injured as a result of Armenian provocation reached 33

# 16:53
29 September 2020

As is know, aggressor Armenia’s military and political leadership blatantly violating norms and principles of international law, continues its terrorist actions against peaceful population. By the instruction of Armenia’s military and political leadership conducting hypocritical and non-constructive policy, the enemy’s armed forces continue to subject to intensive fire from heavy artillery cannons the settlements densely inhabited by people – region and village centers, civil infrastructure facilities – residential houses, hospitals, medical stations, school buildings, kindergartens, administrative buildings of state agencies, territories used agricultural purposes, the General Prosecutor’s Office told APA.



Up to now, a total of 33 civilians have sustained bodily injuries of various degrees and have been placed in hospitals.
Besides, as a result of subjection to fire of civil facilities by the enemy, 65 residential houses, 5 civil facilities fell into disrepair, multiple large- and small-horned animals were killed.
We note with deep sense of sorrow that as a result of another subjection to fire from heavy artillery of the territories densely inhabited by the Azerbaijani population by the enemy, at about 01:00 p.m. on 29.09.2020, a resident of Garadagli village of Agdam region Sariyev Elmeddin Humbat born in 1997 was killed from shrapnel of cannon missile fallen in the medical station in the village, building of the station was destructed, the residents on that territory were evacuated.