Readiness of Azerbaijani troops being inspected

# 14:08
27 January 2020

Under the order of the Minister of Defense comprehensive activity has been started to inspect the readiness of troops for the new training period in the types of troops, Army Corps, formations and units of the Azerbaijan Army, the Ministry of Defense told APA.

The main objective of the inspection is to determine the quality of the implementation of Action Plans for the preparatory period.

During the week, the headquarters activities on the command and control of troops, as well as the capabilities of combat and specialized equipment will be checked. The conduct of military service, the readiness of the training infrastructure of military units, including firing ranges, training centers, tankodromes and other military facilities for the new training period will be inspected. Furthermore, the implementation of the requirements of the guideline and other regulatory documents, the availability and use of teaching aids, the level of combat readiness, and a number of other activities will also be checked.