Causes of the crash of the MiG-29 fighter were established

# 10:57
22 August 2019

Specialists have analyzed and studied the data contained in the flight recorder (“black box”) of the MiG-29 fighter of the Air Force of Azerbaijan, which crashed during scheduled night training flights conducted on July 24 at around 22:00 local time and other technical documents regarding the flight,  Azerbaijani MOD told APA.

According to the latest conclusion reached by the “Air Accident Investigation Commission”, established by order of the Minister of Defense in connection with the identification of the causes of the crash, the aircraft involved in training flights before the crash was mission capable and has been in working condition.

A study of the causes of the air accident also showed that the aircraft collided with a foreign body (bird or flock of birds) in the air before it fell into the Caspian Sea, as a result of which the pilot was injured. According to data obtained from the “black box”, the pilot tried to regain control of the aircraft to avoid an accident. However, severe injuries of the pilot made it impossible and as a result, led to the crash of an aircraft.
Unfounded reports regarding the alleged absence of specialists and special equipment for reading data from the flight recorder (“black box”) in our country are spread in some mass media.

We inform you that after each flight, aviation specialists analyze and study the data contained in the “black box in a special laboratory, establish flight information and, based on these data, create a complete picture of the pilot’s actions to fulfill the tasks and of the technical condition of the aircraft.
Taking into account the above-mentioned we consider it advisable to stop making unprofessional comments and unfounded allegations on this issue.