Combat helicopters made in Turkey joined “TurAz Qartalı – 2019” Exercises

# 14:46
10 September 2019

I positively appreciate the course of joint “TurAz Qartalı – 2019” Flight-Tactical Exercises and the implementation of conventional military exercises, Senior navigator of the Azerbaijani Air Force, Colonel Faig Aliyev told reporters, APA reports.

According to him, the exercises started on September 2 with the participation of the Air Forces, Land Forces and the Navy Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkey have had good results so far: “F-16 airplanes, departed from Yevlakh airport, carried out tactical combat exercises successfully by meeting MiG-29 and Su-35 aircrafts, departed from other places, in certain point of airspace of the Republic of Azerbaijan today. F-16s carry out exercises for just 3 years in airspace of Azerbaijan. Any problem has not yet been experienced during exercises.”
F. Aliyev also noted that combat helicopters, produced by Turkey, have been involved in exercises: “Next “TurAz Qartalı” exercises will be held in fraternal country.”
Note that joint flight-tactical exercises will end on September 16.