Defense Ministry: Video footage spread in social networks showing crash moment of MiG-29 has no any basis

# 11:15
26 July 2019

Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan released information regarding the alleged crash moment video footage of MiG-29 fighter aircraft.

Ministry in reply to the APA’s survey stated that aircraft flied from military airport at night, training flights held at night.

 “Video footage clearly shows that the weather is bright, so it is day-time. Spread video footage has no any ground. Training flights carried out according to the plan are held in the evening time. Time schedule indicated in the video spread in the social networks doesn’t coincide with that time. We urge public not to spread and trust that video footage”, said in the Ministry’s statement.

Note that On July 24, at about 22.00 during a scheduled training flight conducted at night, communication with the MiG-29 fighter of the Azerbaijan Air Force was suddenly interrupted, and the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. According to the preliminary assumptions, as a result of a flight accident, a military aircraft fell into the Caspian Sea. Urgent steps are being taken to search and rescue the pilot. The commission, established on the instructions of the Minister of Defense, launched an investigation into the causes of the crash.