25 shells found in Azerbaijan

# 15:37
4 April 2018

The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) has received information from 102 Call Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and from the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations about the discovery of 25-30 shells in the Jeyranchol winter pasture in Aghstafa district. 


ANAMA told APA that the agency's mobile operational team was immediately sent to the area.


26 units of unexploded ammunition—1 100-mm artillery shells (3BK-5M), 19 125-mm artillery shells (OF-26), 1 122-mm artillery shells (OF- 56-1), 1 125-mm artillery shells (BK-14M), 1 130-mm artillery shells (OF-482), 1 152-mm artillery shells (BP-540), 1 9M22U rocket warhead and 1 82-mm mortar shell (OF-832)—were found and transported away to be disarmed safely.