ANAMA concludes mine cleaning operations in Jojug Marjanli

# 17:05
3 July 2017


The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) has concluded the mine cleaning operations in Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil district.


ANAMA has released a final statement in this regard, APA reported.


According to the statement, during 126 days, ANAMA inspected 151 houses and the area where a new highway is constructed in Jojug Marjanli village, found and disarmed 138,901 shell splinters, 74 unexploded ordinances (five 82-mm mortar shells (OF-832), twenty-five warheads of 82-mm mortar shells (M6IÇ), two 120-mm mortar shells (OF-843), three 93-mm anti-tank rocket launcher PQ-7VL, twelve 70-mm anti-tank rocket launcher PQ-7VM, unexploded engine of four PQ-7 rockets, one F-1 hand-grenade, one RQD-5 hand-grenade, one RQ-42 hand-grenade, four 23-mm antiaircraft shell (OFZT), one 100-mm artillery shell (OF-412), eight TM-62P3 mine amplifier, one TM-57 amplifier, four 30-mm gun grenade (VOQ-17), one 122-mm artillery shell (Åž-1) and one DTM-75 warhead of the artillery shell Åž-1, 26 anti-pedestrian mines (OZM-72) and 140 anti-tank mines (31 TM-57 mines and 109 detonators (MVZ-57) of the TM-57 mine).


As a result of the operations, 2,983,738 squares meters of area was cleared of mines.


From January 25 to July 3, the Agency completed the cleaning operations in Jabrayil’s Jojug Marjanli village. As a result, 50 residential houses, the area allocated for the construction of 100 residential houses, a highway section, and pastures and planting areas were cleared of UXOs.