Shrapnel could not be extracted from body of Azerbaijani civilian wounded in Armenian shelling, says surgeon - UPDATED

# 17:28
18 April 2018

 Due to being life-threatening, shrapnel could not be extracted from the body of a 27-year-old Azerbaijani civilian who was wounded in Aghjabadi’s Giyamaddinli village as a result of shelling by Armenia’s armed forces, Head of Surgery Department of the Aghjabadi District Central Hospital Vagif Bagirov told APA


 “Villager Rahim Hajiyev was brought to the hospital with a wound in his chest. He is in critical condition, with low arterial pressure. He was in shock. We examined him immediately and found a large amount of blood in his chest cavity. His lungs were damaged as well. The patient has been transferred to the intensive care unit and his condition remains critical,” he said. 

The Giyamaddinli village came under fire from Armenian armed forces on Thursday. Villager Rahim Hajiyev was wounded in the shelling.



Armenian armed forces shelled the Giyamaddinli village of Azerbaijan’s Aghjabadi dstrict on Thursday, wounding a 27-year-old villager, APA’s Karabakh bureau reports. 

Villager Rahim Hajiyev was hospitalized, his condition was assessed as satisfactory. 

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry confirmed the fact to APA, stressing that Armenia has increased the number of provocations on the contact line of troops against the backdrop of recent events in the country. 

“Armenia’s armed units do not hesitate to shell civilians and civilian facilities,” the Defense Ministry added.