Armenians in panic, see modern Azerbaijani weapons everywhere – Defense Ministry

# 10:30
23 October 2017

Overwhelmed with fear and panic, Armenians see modern Azerbaijani weapons everywhere, including Spike guided anti-tank missile systems, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told APA.  


“Having killed an Azerbaijani soldier shortly after the Geneva meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents, the Armenian side is seeking to cover up [the consequences of] its provocations and divert the international attention from its crimes,” the Defense Ministry stressed.


“During the April battles in 2016, the Azerbaijani army adequately retaliated against the enemy. And now, with the weapons and military hardware at its disposal, our army is ready to re-demonstrate its power to the enemy,” the Defense Ministry warned.  


The Armenian side reported on Oct. 22 that the Azerbaijani army used artillery pieces, including Spike anti-tank missile system on the frontline.