Azerbaijan displayed only a small portion of weapons, equipment purchased from Russia – military expert

# 10:45
27 April 2017

Azerbaijan has displayed only a small portion of weapons and military equipment it purchased from Russia, Mirsamil Hadiyev, retired Lieutenant-Colonel of the Azerbaijani Army, military expert told APA.  


He noted that yesterday Russia delivered the next batch of modern weapons and military equipment of various purposes to Azerbaijan according to the agreement on military-technical cooperation between the two countries.  


“On April 26, Azerbaijan demonstrated only a small portion of weapons and equipment it purchased from Russia. It is inadmissible to demonstrate all of them from the security point of view. Indeed, these weapons and pieces of equipment were not purchased to be displayed in a parade. They were bought for use in battle, the destruction of the enemy and the liberation of our occupied territories,” the retired military officer said.


He expressed confidence that the pieces of equipment and arms Azerbaijan bought will soon be used to fulfill this sacred duty.


“Our frontal military units will soon receive the new weapons and pieces of equipment, which will expand their combat capabilities during confrontations. I think that systematic modernization of the new weaponry and equipment will contribute to our Armed Forces fulfill tasks successfully. Everyone sees that the Azerbaijani Army continues to be one of the world’s powerful armies in terms of technical logistics and our army is capable of fulfilling any task,” he added.