Azerbaijan exporting UAVs, armed vehicles to more than 10 countries

# 15:07
31 July 2017

"By the end of this year, a new type of special-purpose machine gun, an automatic grenade launcher system, hand grenade launchers, automatic weapons, artillery systems of various types, VOQ-25P, fuses for artillery shells, etc. will be recommended for the armament,” Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov said at a meeting dedicated to the results of the 1st half of 2017, the ministry told APA.


He noted that 92% of the products produced in the first half of the year are defense and special-purpose and the remaining 8% are civil.


"Upon the order of the head of state, in order to replace imports with local production, the company created a production line for deep-water pumps such as "Damla” with an annual output of which is 3,000. The process of production and transfer to customers has begun. One of the priority issues for the ministry in the reporting period was the continuation and creation of new ties with companies and firms that include military industrial complexes of the developed countries of the world. As a result of the negotiations held in this direction, the national products created and produced at the enterprises of the Ministry of Defense Industry are displayed at international defense exhibitions,” he said.


The minister noted that today the special purpose products created and produced at the enterprises of the ministry are being exported. Among them are ammunition, modern types of small arms and artillery weapons, UAVs, armored vehicles, etc.


"At present, defense products manufactured in Azerbaijan are being exported to more than 10 countries,” he added.