Azerbaijani Armed Forces capable of fulfilling all tasks – defense minister

# 16:10
23 June 2017

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are capable of fulfilling all tasks, Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov said on Friday.


The army is experiencing a period of rapid development, said the minister addressing the opening ceremony of a new defense industry plant in country’s Shirvan city on Friday, APA reported.


Hasanov underlined the importance of the ongoing reforms in all types of troops in terms of further strengthening the Azerbaijani army’s strength.  


The Azerbaijani army is well-equipped with weapons, combat vehicles and various types of military products, said the defense minister, adding that measures are being taken to improve the military education system.


“In recent years, the housing conditions of thousands of servicemen have been improved and new military units have been created. Thanks to the work done, the Azerbaijani army gained victory over the enemy in April 2016, liberated part of our occupied territories,” he said.