Azerbaijani MoD: Armenia’s combat and non-combat losses are more than official figures suggest

# 15:54
18 May 2017

Fearing the aggravating internal socio-political situation and the growing hatred toward the already-discredited army, Armenia’s military-political leadership tend to distort numbers of deaths occurring within the army and conceal the reality from the public,” Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense said on Thursday.   


The losses suffered by the Armenian army since January 2017 is not 26 as suggested by Armenian sources, said the defense ministry, noting that the losses actually number up to 50.


“It would be enough as proof to just follow the materials published by Armenian media outlets this year about losses. Even this does not fully reflect Armenia’s military losses. Considering there is no registration of Armenians who are drafted from the occupied lands or those Armenian mercenaries who are recruited from the world’s other conflict zones, this figure could be rather higher,” the defense ministry added.