Defense Ministry comments on Armenian Defense Minister's statement on losses

# 12:31
28 June 2017

We are ironically accepting Armenian Defense Minister’s statement and stating that this groundless, impetuous speech aimed at propaganda is nothing more than lie and impudence, said Azerbaijani defense ministry told APA.


The defense ministry issued the statement on Wednesday in response to Armenian defense minister Vigen Sargsyan’s statement that heavy blow would be inflicted in our country and Azerbaijani armed forces allegedly lost eight servicemen in the last ten days.


“Neither military, economic, human resources of Armenia, nor other factors allow inflicting heavy blow on Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijani soldiers, most modern and destructive combat techniques and weapons of the army are capable of preventing any threat of the occupying forces, destroying them and restoring our territorial integrity.


It would be for Sargsyan to deal with the losses of Armenian army. It is the Armenian side that constantly conceals the number of losses on the frontline and other deaths in its army. Sargsyan would have looked more sincere, if he revealed the exact number of losses the Armenians suffered in recent days as a result of retaliatory actions of the Azerbaijani army, instead of issuing such nonsense statements,” said the ministry.