OCC battalion of Azerbaijani Armed Forces start NATO evaluation exercise

# 11:07
31 May 2017

The NATO re-evaluation  level 2 (NEL-2) of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces’ infantry battalion, declared into Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) Pool of Forces, is underway in Baku within the framework of OCC program.


The battalion had already successfully completed OCC E&F Programme and was certified as “Combat Ready” in accordance with Allied Forces Standards.


Currently, approximately 700 personnel, 80 military vehicles and 4 helicopters are involved in field exercise for re-evaluation of the unit at Karaheybat Training Centre, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry says on its website. 


The evaluation is being conducted by the multinational evaluation team and monitored by NATO Monitor Team representing Allied Land Command.


The exercise will last until 2 June.