Ramaldanov: Armenia has just been given ‘Kornet-E’ missile complexes, while Azerbaijan has had them for 10 years

# 15:52
5 February 2018

"Armenia’s acquisition of Russian “Cornet-E” anti-tank missile complexes can not have any impact on the military balance in the region, military expert, retired colonel Shair Ramaldanov said commenting on Armenian media reports about the country’s purchase of "Kornet-E" anti-tank missile complexes.


According to him, this information itself is nothing new.


"By periodically spreading such information as new information, the Armenian side attempts to cover—and kind of justify—the illegal activities of their corrupted military leadership.


In the summer of 2015, a $ 200 million military loan from Russia has not yet been fully provided to Armenia. By taking such military loans, the Armenian government is only further worsening the economic crisis the country is going through, and as a result, the country’s industrial enterprises become dependent on Russia in order to get out of the situation.


It is interesting to note that every time the Azerbaijani army is reported to have bought new weapons, Armenian media also disseminate similar reports.


“Kornet-E” anti-tank missile complexes, produced in the 80s-90s of the last century, are now at the disposal of the Armenian Armed Forces but the Azerbaijan Armed Forces already had this type of weaponry 10 years ago and have repeatedly used them during exercises. I would even say that there are new modifications of this generation of weapons in the Azerbaijan Armed Forces. Our weapons are of superior quality and in larger quantities. From this point of view, “Kornet-E” complexes in Armenia are unlikely to have any influence on the region’s balance of power.
Under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, a large amount of funds are being allocated to the Armed Forces today. Azerbaijan receives precision-guided and destructive weapons and ammunition, military equipment and combat vehicles from various states with extensive experience in the field of military industry. It is this factor that keeps the occupier state in fear. The enemy understands very well that sooner or later they will have to leave our lands. The sooner this happens, the more will it benefit the Armenian state and people," said Ramaldanov.