Zakir Hasanov: Azerbaijani soldiers proved to whole world that they are able to liberate native lands

# 09:07
24 June 2017

“Dear officers, ensigns, warrant officers, cadets, sergeants, soldiers, and seamen!

I congratulate you on the occasion of June 26 - the Day of the Armed Forces and Ramadan holiday and wish each of you successes in your sacred and glorious service for the sake of the Motherland”, said the minister.


“As Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev noted, the professionalism and fighting capacity of the Azerbaijani Army are exhilarated, Azerbaijani soldiers and officers serve their Homeland with dignity being committed to it.


The Azerbaijani Army, as before, decently prevented the enemy’s provocations in April 2016 too. Azerbaijani soldiers proved to the whole world that they are able to liberate native lands, fight to the last drop of blood and they are superior to the enemy”, Zakir Hasanov said.


The minister expressed confidence that the staff of the Azerbaijani Army will further justify the trust of the people and state with honor.  


At the end, the defense minister wished the officers robust health, long life, happiness and success in their honorable service.