Automotive fuel cheapens in Georgia

# 15:11
9 June 2020

Beginning from April, the price of petrol and diesel fuel in Georgia has cheapened by 0.75-0.80 laris (AZN 0.45) on average, says the statement issued by the Georgian Business Association, APA’s local bureau reports.

The report says in recent days, the consolidation of the Georgian national currency lari against the US dollar is also in the list of the factors influencing the reduction of the fuel price. It is noted that although the fuel price rose on international markets during the recent two weeks, on backdrop of consolidation of lari, the prices in Georgia will remain at the present level. The association noted that the reduction of fuel prices has positive effect in terms of development of various branches of industry.

Note that currently, at the petrol filling stations in Georgia, the price of petrol of Super brand is 2.10-2.20 laris (AZN 1.2), petrol of Premium brand – 1.90-1.95 laris (AZN 1.11), while the price of petrol of Regular brand – 1.79-1.90 laris (AZN 1.08). Meanwhile, the price of diesel fuel in the neighbor country is about 1.80-1.95 laris.