Azerbaijan’s largest solar power station to be built in Alat

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25 November 2019

Solar power station, to be located in the 2 km south of Alat settlement with capacity of 1300 MW, is the largest project of Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which will be put up for auction over 8 geographical regions within framework of development of alternative energy sources, AERA told APA-Economics.

Amount of electricity, which should be produced annualy in solar power station, situated in the area of 2600 hectares is 1 725 KWh.

From total power on mentioned 8 projects, 2 825 MW will fall on share of solar power plants, while 442,2 MW to wind power plants. (three solar, 5 wind power plants)

According to the information, the other large facility on alternative and renewable energy with the capacity 1 100 MW will be situated in 5 km northern-east of Atbulag village of Hajigabul region in the 2 200 hectares area. The volume of annual energy of this energy facility is 1 460 mln. kWh.