Azerbaijan decreased oil production by 7,5%, increased gas production by 5,1%

# 11:49
16 October 2020

During January-September of this year, the total value of production in the mining and extraction industry in Azerbaijan was AZN 16,7 bln. and it decreased by 6,1% compared to January-September of the previous year, the State Statistics Committee told APA-Economics.

The production of commercial oil being the main product of this industry made up 26 mln. tons, while the production of the commercial natural gas - 19,4 bln. cubic meters. Compared to the relevant indicator of the last year, the production of commercial oil decreased by 7,6%, while the production of commercial gas increased by 8,3%, generally during the reporting period 26,1 mln t oil produced and 27, 1 bln c meter gas.

During nine months of this year, the total value of output in the area of production oil products in the country was AZN 2257,3 mln. which is 5,5% less compared to the relevant period of the previous year.

AS for the oil products, 10,5% growth was recorded in production of lubricating oils, 20% reduction - in production of gasoline for use in petrochemical industry, 21,9% reduction – in production of petrol coke, 22,5% reduction – in production of white oil, 55,4% reduction – in production of fuel oil residue.