"Anglo-Asian Mining" decreased gold and silver production in Azerbaijan.

# 16:47
22 October 2019

“Anglo-Asian Mining Plc.” company of Great Britain in non-ferrous metals production extracted 52,198 ounces of gold in Azerbaijan during January-September this year which is 4.4% lower compared to the same period of the previous year, the company told APA-Economics.

During the reporting period, "Anglo-Asian Mining Plc." has produced 117,708 ounces of silver which means an 18.5% decrease in annual expression.

According to the data, in the nine months of the current year, the company has increased copper production by about 40% in the country. So that, "Anglo-Asian Mining Plc." has produced 1 478 tons of copper in January-September.

The company has produced 60,122 ounces of production equals to its gold equivalent (a 2.7% decrease) for the 9 months of this year by all country.

So, "Anglo-Asian Mining Plc." company's cash amounted to 19.1 million USD during the reporting period.

Remind that, “Anglo-Asian Mining” is engaged in production under the PSA (Share Distribution Agreement) kind of agreement signed on August 21, 1997, in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's share in the contract is 51% and “Anglo-Asian Mining Plc.” company has 49%. The first gold production was launched in the “Gadabay” field in 2009.