Drilling works in “Shafag-Asiman” may continue for two years

# 15:04
10 September 2019

Drilling of first SAX01 exploration well (including test activities of the well–editor) in “Shafag-Asiman” perspective block is expected to last for 604 days, APA-Economics reports quoting Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (ESIA) draft document.

Once drilled it is anticipated the well will be suspended and well testing will be undertaken following a break of between 1 and 3 years due to availability of the well testing rig.

As the well test activities are not sufficiently defined at this time they are not included within the Project Base Case and will be considered in a separate permission document to be submitted to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) at a later date if it is confirmed that well testing is to be undertaken. In total it is anticipated exploration drilling (including well testing) will take approximately 604 days.

Non-Technical Summary (NTS) presents a concise overview of the Environmental and SocioEconomic Impact Assessment (ESIA) prepared for the Shafag-Asiman Exploration Drilling (SAX01) Project to be undertaken in the Shafag-Asiman Contract Area. It is intended to provide a summary of the Project activities, the issues considered in the ESIA and the main conclusions on environmental and socio-economic impacts. Detailed technical description of modelling studies, proposed mitigation measures and monitoring activities are presented in the main sections of the ESIA.

Note that the Shafag-Asiman Contract Area is situated in waters approximately 600-800 metres (m) deep with oil reserves located approximately 6000 m to 7000 m below sea-level4 . It is currently planned to commence drilling the SAX01 exploration well in Q4 2019.

Drilling activities (including well testing activities) are expected to take up to 604 days in total with a potential pause (1-3 years) between the end of drilling activities and the start of well testing (if required) activities. Drilling of the SAX01 well will be carried out taking into account applicable national and international legal requirements and in accordance with the requirements of the Shafag-Asiman PSA.

The key objective of drilling the SAX01 well is to evaluate the gas resource in the Nad Kirmakinskaya Glinistaya (NKG), Fasila and Balakhany reservoirs prior to the potential further future development of the Contract Area.