Export of electricity from Azerbaijan to Georgia increased sharply

# 13:11
20 August 2019

In June of the current year, Azerbaijan exported 93 747 462,3 kWh electricity to Georgia, according to the report of Georgia Electricity Market Operator (ESCO), APA’s local bureau reports.

The volume of imported electricity in July of the previous year was 1 139 930,5 kWh.  The sharp increase in imports in July was due to the inability of Georgia’s electricity production to fill local demand.

Azerbaijan totally has exported 609 297 797,5 kWh electricity to Georgia in the first seven months of the current year. The volume of the exported electricity in the same period of the previous year was 517, 768, 437,5 kWh.

In January- July of 2019, Georgia totally imported 716,02 million kWh. electricity, that 89.57% of it belongs to Azerbaijan.