Oil output declines nearly 8% year-on-year

# 14:31
16 June 2017

In May 2017, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) produced 636,900 tonnes of oil, down 0.33% from 2016, up 3.88% from April 2017, read a statement from SOCAR.


SOCAR produced 3,096,100 tonnes of oil in January-May, down 2.07% in comparison to a year earlier.


SOCAR produced 645,100 tonnes of oil in January, 576,200 tonnes in February, 624,800 tonnes in March and 613,100 tonnes in April.


Oil production across the country made up 3,291,900 tonnes in the reporting period, down 7.72% by contrast to 2016, up 3.32% from April.


In January-May, totally, 15,934,200 tonnes of oil were produced across the country, down 9.18% compared to previous year.


Oil production across the country made up 3,367,500 tonnes in January, 2,975,700 tonnes in February, 3,113,000 tonnes in March and 3,186,100 tonnes in April.