Administrative staff members of Headquarters created for search of missing oilmen visited scene

# 11:39
20 December 2016

Senior staff members of Headquarters have visited the scene and closely familiarized with the rescue measures.


Weather condition, direction and speed of wind, underwater and above-water currents were reanalyzed and it was made a decision to extend the area of search operation. The search and rescue operations are recommended to be conducted in the area with length of 125 km and width of 108 km.


The accident took place at about 05:00 a.m., on Dec. 15, due to strong wind, which blew away a part of a flyover of the 150-meter long oil-gathering station #3 of the department on oil and gas output of Azneft Production Union. Meanwhile, the board attached to the flyover and a booth on it were also blown away.


One person died and nine people went missing.


A joint special commission has been created to investigate the accident.