Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector increases by 2.2-fold in 2004-2017

# 10:36
12 April 2018

In 2004-2017 Azerbaijan’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP) increased by 3.2-fold, industrial production – by 2.6-fold, agricultural production - by 1.7-fold, budget revenues – by 13.5-fold, personal incomes - by 8.6-fold, investments in fixed capital – by threefold, average salary – by 6.8-fold, minimum salary – by 12.9-fold, chairman of the State Statistical Committee Tahir Budagov said in an interview with official internet page of the New Azerbaijan Party.


According to him, unemployment rate dropped to 5% from 9.2%, poverty level to 5.4% from 44.7%: ‘According to World Bank, Azerbaijan climbed 51 spots to rank 78th for per head GDP. Davos World Economic Forum’s calculations determined that Azerbaijan climbed 29 spots to rank 35th among 137 countries for competitiveness’.


‘Value added increased by 8.5% in transport and storehouse, 6.6% in information and communication, 5.9% in tourist accommodation and catering, 4.2% in agriculture, forestry and fishery, 2.5% in trade and repair of transport facilities, 1.5% in other spheres. Non-oil sector of industry increased 2.2-fold in 2004-2017, information and communication services – by 11.2-fold. Consumers purchased AZN 35.3 billion-products in retail trade network. Retail trade turnover on food products, drinks and tobacco products rose b 2.4-fold to AZN 17.9 billion’.