Azerbaijani president thanks US and UK for support to energy projects

# 09:06
29 May 2018

‘We’ll mark launch of TANAP next month’, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the opening the Southern Gas Corridor.


According to him, today, the Southern Gas Corridor is launched:  ‘$40 is invested in this project. Azerbaijan’s proven gas resources make up 2.6 trillion cubic meters. These projects could not have been implemented without international cooperation. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey created strong cooperation format while implementing these projects. I want to thank US government for its political, economic and moral support to us. These projects needed a large sum of resources and all of these resources have been provided by banks. We saw this support in BTC. UK government also supported us. A contract was sigend with UK PM last year’.


Speaking about EU’s support to SGC, Aliyev noted that EU has always supported energy projects: ‘EU has been participating in the meeting of SGC Advisory Council since 2015. I thank international corporations which supported us to carry out these projects. Azerbaijan is a reliable partner. We have repaid and will repay our debts timely’.